Daily Sites

This is a very simple site with the purpose of remembering links to places you visit on a regular basis. You can enter a site and which days of the week you want to check it. Every day, you can come back here and see a list of all your sites for today.

If you'd like to try it out, just sign in below and you can destroy your account whenever you like.

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If you have any problems with it or want to see more features here, you can write me an email at andreyEmaildot 436bc1dc892fd8c541836c4495c660d585436efe9fd6b91b727fd51f35917cb9radevEmailat d86b160994776eb76fc94593af326cfe72e7a0a308d605273dc6aa5661872221gmailEmaildot 436bc1dc892fd8c541836c4495c660d585436efe9fd6b91b727fd51f35917cb9com.
Or, better yet, file an issue on the github issue tracker.